Member of the House of Representatives, Director of Agriculture and Forestry Division
Let's use innovation and support for new players in the market to change Japan's agricultural sector.
Yasuhiro Sato
Mizuho Financial Group, Inc.
Director & Executive Office President, Group CEO
One Mizuho is striving to increase farm production competitiveness and resolve food-related issues through farming x technology x finance collaborations.
The Japan Research Institute, Limited
Center for the Strategy of Emergence Senior Specialist
Technology like IoT and AI has the potential to bring creativity and profitability to the agricultural sector.
SOSV / Food-X
Managing Director
Excited to meet other industry leaders and potential startups needing investment.
AgBiome, Inc.
Japan has a great track record in crop protection innovation. I'm keen to hear about new developments.
Cultivian Sandbox Food, AgFund
Managing Director
I am pleased to see important institutions in Japan focusing on tech and the food and agricultural industry.
I'm very keen to meet agritech startups from across Asia, particularly those focusing on indoor farming.
First Green Partners
Managing Director
I am excited to learn more about Japanese agritech startups.
Farm Alliance Management Co., Ltd.
Representative Director
Japanese farming is approaching a new stage. AG/SUM will be our first chance to share this with the world.
Yamaha Motor Ventures & Laboratory Silicon Valley
COO, General Partner
Japan should be the world leader in agritech, but isn't. I hope AG/SUM brings attention and momentum to agritech.
AgTech Insight
Founder & CEO
It's a world economy and I'm happy to promote cooperation - but it NEEDS results - not talk without action.
Hokkaido University Research Faculty of Agriculture
IoT, big data, and AI are the keys to agricultural growth. The agri-innovation SIP aspires to achieve such growth.
euglena Co., Ltd
Representative Director & President
I hope to create opportunities for open innovation with major corporations and university startups.
RWA Raiffeisen Ware Austria AG
Graduate School of Agricultural and Life Sciences, The University of Tokyo
Associate Professor
I hope to integrate agritech with the latest crop breeding technology, and ensure food is plentiful and enjoyable.
Representative Director & President
EverySense Japan
Representative Director & CTO
Farming is an economic activity and a regional culture. New value will be created through fusion with technology.
The Trendlines Group
Vice President
I am excited to share Israeli agritech innovations and to learn more about the Japanese agritech ecosystem.
Routrek Networks
Representative Director
I hope to find "made in Japan" solutions to food, water depletion, environmental destruction & aging farmer issues.
CEO & Co-founder
Japan has a good reputation for both food and technology, uniquely positioning it as a potential agritech leader.
Xinova, LLC.
Senior Vice President of Partnerships Group & Head of Marketing
I'm excited to both learn from and try to assist Japanese agritech startups.
Representative Director & President
I hope to start a "Green Revolution" among the next generation using the latest technology and plant science.
M2 Labo. Inc.
Representive Director & President
I hope that bringing together those interested in agriculture will create technology to supply tasty, safe food.
Planet Table
At AG/SUM I am looking forward to interacting with players both from Japan and overseas.
I hope AG/SUM will be an opportunity to construct a system that exports Japan's knowledge and concepts.
Representative Director & CEO
I want to talk about strengthening Japan's exports, establishing the Japan brand, and exporting technology.
flux IoT
CEO & Co-founder
Co-founder & Managing Director
Astrona Biotechnologies
Sero Intelligence
Representative Director & President
Financing and alliances with companies used to be hard for farms. I expect AG/SUM will help expand business.
Mizuki Yasuda
Farmship, Inc.
Representative Director
I want to discuss issues with many people and contribute to industry development.
Issey Maeda
Representative Director & President
One company alone can't set up a global agriculture and food value chain. I want to work with other companies.
Nomaport Inc.
Representative Director
I hope agritech will accelerate the collaboration between agriculture and social welfare.
Atlantic Food Labs
Managing Director
It's a great opportunity to connect globally with different industry players.
Agro Innovation Lab GmbH
I'm excited to gain insights into Japan's startup scene!
Director of Special Projects
I'm really excited to share and learn around opportunities for the agricultural sector thanks to the Internet of Things.
The Mixing Bowl, Better Food Ventures
VP Business Development
Local Roots
Founder / CEO
C4: Capital for New Commons
Executive Director
Happy to see speakers who will convey the concepts of financial innovation for sustainable agritech.
Oisix Inc.
Chief Executive Officer and Founder
We will use technology to create the future of agriculture and the future of meals served at the dining table.
Founding Partner
CEO & Founder
Japan is a hotbed of innovation and technology. How can we use technology to unlock the power of nature?
The National Liaison Council of Rural Youth Clubs
Kyomaru-en Inc.
Representative Director
I believe agritech will lead to major changes in the agricultural sector.
Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance Co.,Ltd.
Senior Manager
I want to use the extensive network and information available to insurers to support Japanese agribusiness.
ACA Investments
I hope to collaborate with Japanese companies that wish to explore AgTech business and innovation opportunities.
Managing Director
Executive Producer, Forbes AgTech Summit
Executive Director, Development, ForbesLive
Having spent 3 years focused on AgTech innovation I am excited to learn about what Japanese startups are doing.
RML AgTech Pvt Ltd
Managing Partner & CEO
Its a great opportunity to learn about what entrepreneurs are thinking in Japan about the future of Agriculture.
Head of F&A Start-up Innovation
I would like to see how Japan is looking at the future of food and agriculture.
Looking forward to moderating the Startup Showcase. Startups, bring your A-game!
West Base LLC.
Representative Director
Integriculture Inc.
We hope to offer an insight into cellular agriculture and its potential uses in cultured meat, regenerative medicine, and space farming.
Representative Director & COO
Keio University Graduate School of System Design and Management
Project Professor
Managing Executive Officer and Manager of Corporate Social Responsibility Promotion Department
Brain Co., Ltd.
Shinya Kobayashi
Farmnote Inc.
ECF Farmsystems
Founder & CMO
Founder and Chief Scientific Officer
Faculty of Environment and Information Studies, Keio University
Associate Professor
Stanford University
Research Scholar
Silicon Valley can potentially benefit from many of the exciting developments and deployments in Japan.
State Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries
Maintaining the status quo is the greatest risk. We must pursue innovation to save Japan's agricultural sector.
PwC Consulting, LLC
Freight Farms
President and Co-Founder
OPTiM Corporation
President and Representative Director
The University of Tokyo Graduate School of Agricultural and Life Sciences
Special Professor
My vision is for IoT, big data, and the exponential evolution of artificial intelligence to lead to the start of a new agricultural era.
S2G Ventures
Managing Director
TBL Alpha Advisory
Advisor to the United Nations Social Impact Fund (UNSIF)
I am looking forward to meeting potential collaborators as we launch the UN's first investment funds with UNSIF.
Tokyo Delica Foods Co., Ltd.
Executive officer & Director, Corporate Planning Office
My aim is to improve supply chain efficiency and build a new value chain based on a vegetable quality evaluation index delica score.
Natural Art Inc.
Representative Director
I'm expecting a step forward in terms of the sophistication and globalization of Japanese agriculture, an industry that has traditionally been closed.
NHK Publishing, Inc.
Editor in Chief
I am looking forward to a society where people and food are reconnected directly thanks to Agritech.
PS Solutions Corp.
Fellow, Ph.D
It would be great if AG/SUM can trigger the development of services useful for agriculture.
Miyagi University
Emeritus professor
Agriculture can be transformed into a growth industry. Let's share our know-how and consider systems for growth.
Mikkabi Agricultural Cooperative
Farming leads to food, which in turn leads to health and happiness. I hope AG/SUM will link these together.
NA-RU Corporation
Let's consider agriculture as a space and bring together experts from various fields to create a multifaceted industry.
Kyodogakusha Shintoku Farm
We need big data to analyze light, water, and soil and identify optimal farming methods suited to that area
Yasuaki Fukunaga
Aeon Agri Create Co., Ltd.
To the next step
President and Representative Director
Japan has the best soil environment in the world. I want Japanese farming/food services to take root worldwide.
Announcer (Freelance)
Representative, Mirai House
I will seek out the true feelings of the participants responsible for the next generation of agriculture in Japan.
Senior Director, Akisai Business Division, Innovation Business Unit
Lawin Co.Ltd
I would like to contribute to innovation in the food and agricultural sector in Japan.
Chubu University
I support agritech startups using an interoperable information platform and API.
Ogatamura Agricultural Cooperative
SBI Holdings, Inc. / SBI ENERGY Co., Ltd.
Director, Managing Executive Officer / President & CEO
We will achieve sustainable and competitive agriculture by combining digitalization and reenergization.
PS Solutions Corp.
General Manager, Ph.D
GAP Extension Organization Inc.
Managing Director
My aim is for Global G.A.P. to contribute to agriculture in Japan.
PS Solutions Corp.
Senior Chief Engineer
I would like to discuss the application of information science and technology in the agricultural sector.
Representative Director
I hope this initiative leads to the creation of a business that solves at least one issue = agri solution.
Japan Junior Chamber, Inc.
PwC Consulting LLC.
FEM Co., Ltd
Representative Director
Let's rethink the concept of sustainable agriculture and work towards creating the future of agriculture.
Parallel worker (Farmer, NK AGRI Co., Ltd., Cybozu, Inc., Japan Paella Association)
Producer, Evangelist
I hope to contribute to new styles of teamwork that go beyond the organization of producers, consumers and distributors.
Mizuho Research Institute Ltd.
Senior Research Officer
Ito Farm
Representative Director
There are 17,000 dairy farms in Japan. I hope we can create profitable equipment by integrating with the world.
Izunumanousan Limited Liability Company
I would like to create a society in which we can all discuss agriculture and rural areas (food & environment).
Bekkai Town Council
Councillor Town
I hope it turns out to be an initiative that empowers regional areas.
Maisen Corporation
Senior Advisor
We are a fantastic group to brainstorm for the future.
Fukushima Prefectural Government
The Norinchukin Bank
Managing Director
Willow Cup Inc.
CEO and Co-Founder
Soft Robotics Inc
Director of Business Development
Strider agriculture
Local Roots
Co-founder / COO
AbCelex Technologies Inc.
President & CEO
Plasma Nutrition
Director of Sales
Director of Market Operations
Japan Junior Chamber,Inc.
I want to discuss agribusiness possibilities from the perspective of businesspersons aged between 20 and 40.
Canandian Minister of International Trade
Higashisouya Agricultural Cooperative
Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands
Agricultural Counsellor
NKAgri Co.,Ltd.
I am looking forward to the expansion of open innovation in agriculture.
Tatsuaki Toda
Synaptech Inc.
President & CEO
Hideaki Yamada
The Norinchukin Bank
Managing Director
French Embassy
Agricultural Counsellor
I am excited to have an overview on agritech in the world.
Kisvin Science Inc.
CTO, Co-founder
Rice Technology Kawachi Co., Ltd.
Technical Adviser
Embassy of Canada
Counsellor and Senior Trade Commissioner
Let's explore collaboration in advancing agritech.
Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries
Counsellor, Overseas Investment and Cooperation Division, International Affairs Department
Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Director, Office for Strategic Communication Hub
I hope to tell the world about Japanese agriculture.
Nikkei, Inc.
Senior Staff Writer
i-eat Co., Ltd.
Representative Director
Leading Solutions Co., Ltd
Representative Director
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