Time to dig deeper.

We are offering a total of 28 workshops, where agricultural experts and business leaders will pass on their experience and knowledge. Class sizes will be kept small to make sure there is ample time and space to discuss the topics with facilitators and fellow attendees and to allow you to deepen your understanding. The workshops are not only a place to study, but also a valuable opportunity to network with your peers. We hope that the knowledge and new connections you gain during the workshops will help you in shaping the way you do agriculture in the future.

You need to register in advance to participate in the workshops. Workshop registration will start at the beginning of May. Ticket holders will be informed by email when registration opens.


Interactive lerning opportunities, to deepen your understanding of agritech.


DAY 1 May 23 (Tue.)

12:30-13:30 Room A

Agro Innovation Lab – How to Invest in and Collaborate with AgTech Startups as a Corporate

Language: English (Interpreting Available)
Session No. 1A01
As a major agricultural cooperative serving farmers across Austria and Eastern Europe, RWA launched “Agro Innovation Lab” in early 2016 to incubate technologies, foster intrapreneurship and collaborate with startups. The startup program, the first corporate AgTech accelerator in Europe, attracted 160 applications from 49 countries. Now, Reinhard and Marius will let you experience the startup selection and investment process and share their personal learnings with you.

Reinhard Bauer(CEO, Agro Innovation Lab GmbH)
Marius Starcke(Partner, Agro Innovation Lab GmbH)

12:15-13:30 Room B

How to Make Use of International Certification - Sustainable Procurement and Certification, and its Relationship with G.A.P.

Language: Japanese (No Interpreting Available)
Session No. 1B01

Manami Yamaguchi(Representative Director, FEM Co., Ltd)
Tetsuya Ogura(Councillor Town, Bekkai Town Council)
Takeshi Matsumoto(Representative Director, Farm Alliance)
Takao Miyasaka(Representative Director, West Base LLC.)

14:00-15:00 Room A

Marketing in Agtech and Foodtech: Finding, Targeting and Retaining

Language: English (Interpreting Available)
Session No. 1A02
Based on theory the workshop will help you work in the agro-field B2B and in the food sector B2(B2)C. The elements consist of the 4Ps in marketing with a particular focus on pricing. Top-notch academic content will be enriched by cases from companies which mastered this quest previously, with a particular focus on Europe as an example.

Florian Glatt-Wodzynski(Wodzynski Consulting)

13:50-15:10 Room B

Using Information Technology to Build Value Chains

Language: Japanese (No Interpreting Available)
Session No. 1B02

Ryuta Nakamura (Producer, Evangelist, Parallel worker (Farmer, NK AGRI Co., Ltd., Cybozu, Inc., Japan Paella Association))Moderator
Masayuki Arii(Executive officer & Director, Corporate Planning Office, Tokyo Delica Foods Co., Ltd. )
Akira Suzuki(Representative, Brain Co., Ltd.)
Yoichi Mihara(Representative Director, NK AGRI Co., Ltd.)
Tetsu Tanaka(Representative Director, Leading Solutions Co., Ltd.) Capacity50

15:30-16:30 Room A

Alternative Financial Models to Support the Agritech Sector

Language: English (Interpreting Available)
Session No. 1A03
We will showcase a few financial solutions from different continents that are applicable in the AgTech sector, including blended finance, micro finance, community funds to name a few.

Junko Nagao (Executive Director, C4: Capital for New Commons)
Tami Kesselman (TBL Alpha Advisory)

15:30-16:30 Room B

Farming in Asia: Using ICT to Modernize Farming

Language: Japanese (No Interpreting Available)
Session No. 1B03

Hiroki Iwasa(Representative Director & CEO, GRA INC.)
Kengo Kitaura(CEO, AGRIBUDDY Ltd.)

16:45-17:45 Room A

Exit Paths For AgTech Investment

Language: English (Interpreting Available)
Session No. 1A04
This workshop will look at AgTech adoption and scale as a foundation for a healthy liquidity environment. We will explore a range of exit paths such as: corporate acquirers, private equity consolidators, public listings / IPOs, strategic trade sales or mergers of equals. We will discuss the current AgTech M&A trends and what we can expect large corporate or financial buyers to look for when shopping for smaller innovators.

Seana Day(Partner, The Mixing Bowl, Better Food Ventures)

DAY 2 May 24 (Wed.)

10:00-11:00 Room A

Controlled Environment Agriculture - The Future of Food -

Language: English (Interpreting Available)
Session No. 2A01
The objective of this workshop will be sustainable food production and its technologies in indoor farming. We will discuss farms' potentials and challenges to improve global health.

Matt Vail(Co-Founder / COO, Local Roots Farms)

10:00-11:00 Room B

An Expert's Guide to Agritech Business - Why Researchers Should Participate in Agritech

Language: Japanese (No Interpreting Available)
Session No. 2B01

Yukihiro Maru(Representative Director, CEO, Leave a Nest Co., Ltd.)
Hiroto Kitagawa(Plant Data Co., Ltd.)
Junichi Sugiyama(Rice Technology Kawachi Co., Ltd.)
Kazuhiro Nishioka(Kisvin Science Inc.)
Masaru Kashiwazaki(i-eat Co., Ltd.) Capacity50

11:15-12:15 Room A

Bringing Market Intelligence to Organic and Non-GMO Agriculture

Language: English (Interpreting Available)
Session No. 2A02
In the US, market transparency does not exist for Organic and Non-GMO commodities. Information about acres planted, market size, price trends, and imports are extremely challenging to find. Partially because acres fluctuate on an annual basis, and partially because these markets are small and highly competitive so participants are reluctant to share this type of information. In this workshop, we will address how Mercaris is using its data service and its auctions platform to fill in these transparency gaps and ultimately help the specialty markets continue to grow.

Alex Heilman(Director of Sales, Mercaris)
Lizzie Ekeberg(Director of Market Operations, Mercaris)

11:15-12:15 Room B

Farming Focused Industrial Clusters

Language: Japanese (No Interpreting Available)
Session No. 2B02

Makoto Kimura(Representative Director & President, HATAKE COMPANY)

12:30-14:00 Room A

GLOBAL G.A.P. CEO's Perspective on How to Make the Most of GLOBAL G.A.P.

Language: English & Japanese (Interpreting Available)
Session No. 2A03

Dr. Kristian Moeller(CEO, FoodPLUS)
Hirofumi Imataki(Managing Director, GAP Extension Organization Inc.)

12:30-13:30 Room B

How Japan will Change the Seed Business: Genome Breeding Possiblities

Language: Japanese (No Interpreting Available)
Session No. 2B03

Hiroyoshi Iwata(Associate Professor, Graduate School of Agricultural and Life Sciences, The University of Tokyo)
Kiyoshi Honda(Professor, International GIS Center, Chubu University)

13:45-14:45 Room B

Why you need to get into Foodtech now!

Language: English (No Interpreting Available)
Session No. 2B04
After decades of supremacy of Big Food the whole food industry is now on the verge of disruption. A wider access to information triggered a general distrust on big food corporations, creating a new consumer demand for healthier products.

In this talk you will find out:

- How big food tech can be
- Interesting trends and where to look for building the next generation of food companies
- Investment perspectives and scalability of food models

Dario Galbiati Alborghetti(Managing Director, Atlantic Food Labs)

15:15-16:05 Room A

Supporting Startups: The Norinchukin Bank's New Challenges

Language: English & Japanese (Interpreting Available)
Session No. 2A04

Hideaki Yamada(Norinchukin)
Manuel E. Gonzalez Guzman(Head of F&A Start-up Innovation, Rabobank)

14:55-15:55 Room B

NEXT GENERATION URBAN FARMING: How to plan, build, operate an aquaponics farm and successfully market the produce.

Language: English (No Interpreting Available)
Session No. 2B05
We would like to share how we developed a commercially successful aquaponics farm and how we overcame the challenges in different phases of the project. Designing and refining a system, testing and combining different production technologies and finally building the first large-scale urban aquaponics farm in Europe. We would like to share the experience, how to produce efficiently and sustainably and how to market the products. Afterwards we will gladly answer any questions.

Nicolas Leschke(Founder & CEO, ECF Farmsystems)
Christian Echternacht(Founder & CMO, ECF Farmsystems)

16:20-17:20 Room A

Building an optimum model for food traceability. What the implications are for both farmers and consumers

Language: English (Interpreting Available)
Session No. 2A05
It is all about Data right? So what is good data? What can it tell you and Why does it exist or not exist in conventional agriculture. What happens when we design the system for the best management of information? How much does a consumer care and what are the levers for engagement?

Nathan Dorn(CEO, Food-Origins)

16:10-17:10 Room B

Developing the Agritech Market--What Are Corporations Looking For?

Language: Japanese (No Interpreting Available)
Session No. 2B06

Chizu Hori(Senior Research Officer, Mizuho Research Institute Ltd.)
Yasuaki Fukunaga(President, Aeon Agri Create Co., Ltd.)
Takeshi Wakabayashi(Senior Director, Akisai Business Division, Innovation Business Unit, FUJITSU LIMITED)

DAY 3 May 25 (Thu.)

9:15-10:15 Room A

Canada, Agri-Technology and Innovation: An Overview of Agri-Tech in Canada, Key Players, Strengths, and Opportunities

Language: English (Interpreting Available)
Session No. 3A01
Introduction to Canada's agri-tech landscape, key players, capabilities, and opportunities for investment, trade and partnership. Presentations from firms participating in the Canadian delegation at Ag/Sum, including Bioenterprise Corp., Vive Crop Protection, PlantForm, Abcelex, BW Global, TechMist, and AgriForest.

Joseph Regan

9:15-10:15 Room B

Women in Agriculture & Agri Tech: Delivering Safe, Delicious Products!

Language: Japanese (No Interpreting Available)
Session No. 3B01

Ikuko Watanabe(Announcer (Freelance), Representative, Mirai House)Moderator
Rina Akimoto(President, vivid garden Inc.)
Chihiro Endo(President and Representative Director, AWCLE Inc.)
Chika Tsuge(President, Lawin Co.Ltd)

10:30-11:30 Room A

AI is transforming farming: How machines augment crop experts and agronomists optimize crop production at scale.

Language: English (No Interpreting Available)
Session No. 3A02
We will discuss typical problems in crop production, bottlenecks and quality issues. We introduce big data analytics and computer vision concepts to detect crop anomalies during the life cycle.

Tom Tran(CEO, Sero Intelligence)
Tak Lo(Managing Director, Zeroth)

10:30-11:30 Room B

A Future Created by Agricultural IoT and Information Circulation

Language: Japanese (No Interpreting Available)
Session No. 3B02

Hiroshi Mano(C.T.O., EverySense Japan, Inc.)

11:45-12:45 Room A

Investment in Agriculture in Emerging Markets

Language: English (Interpreting Available)
Session No. 3A03
Agricultural technology startups in emerging markets have taken off in recent years, and are scaling up to reach a billion smallholder farmers globally. This workshop will discuss the particular challenges faced by startups and venture investors operating in emerging markets, especially those in Asia where smallholder farmers predominate (e.g. India, China, Indonesia, Philippines and Vietnam).

Mark Kahn(Founding Partner, Omnivore)

11:45-12:45 Room B

Future Strategies for the Reform and Reorganization of Agriculture in Japan

Language: Japanese (No Interpreting Available)
Session No. 3B03

Makoto Suzuki(CEO, Natural Art Inc.)

13:15-14:15 Room A

PwC Presents: Agribusiness Mirai Juku: The Future of Agriculture is in our Hands

Language: Japanese (Interpreting Available)
Session No. 3A04
PwC is inviting high school and university students to sit in on AG/SUM's symposium and workshops in the hope that they, as farmers of the future, can experience the changes and developments taking place within the industry.

During this workshop the students will report back on their findings and discuss the future form of farming, their dreams and aspirations regarding farming, and their interest in new technology. We hope this will prove to be a chance to create opportunities to talk about the future of farming.

About PwC:
PwC cites five megatrends as a macro movement affecting society in the future and is involved in various survelliance, research, recommendation, and support activities. Innovation in agriculture is one megatrend, and PwC provides support and services to those taking up this theme globally.

Hidetoshi Nishiguchi(PwC Consulting LLC. Director)
Katsutoshi Teramoto(PwC Consulting LLC. Manager)
Atsushi Shinjo(Associate Professor, Faculty of Environment and Information Studies, Keio University)
Shinnosuke Kubota (Agricultural Journalist)

13:15-14:30 Room B

Regional Development Using Agriculture-Focused Industrial Integration

Language: Japanese (No Interpreting Available)
Session No. 3B04

Mikako Hayashi(Project Professor, Keio University Graduate School of System Design and Management)Moderator
Hideo Ito(CEO, Izunumanousan Limited Liability Company)
Yasumichi Ito(Ito Farm)
Shigeyuki Narita (President, NA-RU Corporation)

14:45-15:45 Room A

Understanding the farmer's workflow. Building products that solve problems rather than create them

Language: English (Interpreting Available)
Session No. 3A05
What are farmers really looking for? Looking at innovation from a muddy boots prospective to build the right solution from the start. We will discuss a little about funding, who actually will use the solution in a farmers organization, when and how to pilot, what it takes to get quick adoption and what steps to take to launch a successful product!

Aaron Magenheim(Founder & CEO, AgTech Insight)

14:45-15:45 Room B

Agriculture for Everyone! Introducing a business model that combines farming and welfare

Language: Japanese (No Interpreting Available)
Session No. 3B05

Atsushi Suzuki(President, Kyomaru-en Inc.)
Shiro Takakusa(Representative Director, Nomaport Inc.)

16:00-17:00 Room A

How to make your case to investors

Language: English (No Interpreting Available)
Session No. 3A06
Successful pitching is more than a numbers game. We’ll shed some light on some of the best ways to pitch your story / business idea to gain access to venture capital. We’ll share what investors are looking for throughout the entire deal process from pre-investment, negotiating terms, to post-investment.

Matthieu Vermersch(Founder & Managing Director, VisVires New Protein)

16:00-17:00 Room B

Looking Beyond AI and IoT

Language: Japanese (No Interpreting Available)
Session No. 3B06

Norio Yamaguchi(Fellow Ph.D, PS Solutions Corp.)
Takashi Togami (Ph.D, PS Solutions Corp.)
Kyosuke Yamamoto(Ph.D in Agriculture, Senior Chief Engineer, PS Solutions Corp.)

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